Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Organizing Memories - Part 1!!!

Now that I am going to me a mom of 2 proud kids (2nd one is on the way :-), I am only realizing how important each year it is for these kids. I would leave no stone unturned to ensure my kids get all they want of their childhood when they are all grown up :-) That is one of the reason I started writing a baby blog for my darling daughter!!!
Keeping up with my traditions of preserving their memories, I have decided to build and maintain photo copies of the digital ones...There are more advantages than anything else that I can think of for doing this.
Most significant of them all, I would love to hand it off to them when they grow up and it is simply more amusing to anyone in general to look at the hard copies rather than just the soft ones, up on the computer.

I have jump-started the process by printing the albums to begin with...Once, I have a collection of photos printed, I will buy nice themed albums and album storage boxes and then find a cozy place in the house to preserve them safely :-) Well that being said, this is just the very first part of my process and hence the title!!!

However, I would like to share one of my easiest and most convenient methods of getting to this step 1:

(Step -wise)
1. Upload pics form your camera to picasa
2.  Tag them and group them into albums, chronologically!
3. Immediately transfer the photos for back-up either onto a hard disk or a CD ( We usually prefer a hard disk)
4. From Picasa, you can chose the menu - Print Photos
5. You can print just plain 4X6 copies or can even chose a photo book (both of which I have tried and works just great. Hint: For photo books, try logging in from Picasa Application rather than the web-album )
6. From within that link, you have an option to chose online stores that offers the most reasonable priced photo printing services ( I always chose Walgreens and go for the pick-up from store option)
7. Thats it - You're almost there!!!!

I will blog more with my experiences and recommendations after I am done with making albums out of these prints :-)

Happy Memories :-) I love them and hoping you all do!!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Every Player is a Winner in the Game of Life!!!!!

I have been contemplating a lot on how to bring up my precious little girl, ingraining in her the best of life's experiences from my own. Universally accepted, every game has one and only one winner. I say, in the game of this life, every one who plays it, eventually ends up conquering it :-) However, I see a true winner as someone who has not only won the race of life but has thoroughly enjoyed its beauty.

Every human that is known to this world and has seen the sun is certain to have understood the meaning of life at one or the other phase. And to that extent, as long as I have dared to step into the very sanctity of life - each one defines it in his/her own way. Life is what you define to yourself. Mastering the definition itself is the very first duck in the row.

Sooner the first duck in the row, better and prettier will be the rest of the path for the other ducks to follow :-) Don't miss out on all the charm the life is offering in your constant quest for life. In fact,
you are likely to solve the puzzle by just enduring each and every moment and living through it.

We are programmed to output great results when the external environmental parameters supplied  are just as great, however we throw exceptions when we receive negative invalid input waves. Just as how software experts are on a journey to build a ubiquitous system that can sustain harsh constant hammering, so are we on our constant quest.

Enjoy every moment of life as is, there are always bitter and better moments...Its only the bitter that will make us better. Remembering these golden words from a wonderful book I read, "Light is a definition for No Darkness, Knowledge is a definition for No Ignorance"...Alike, Good is a definition for No Bad :-)

Love, kiss, embrace and live every moment of your life - only because its beautiful and nothing else can surpass it. Its your life and only you know how to live and enjoy and since its all you - there is no reason why you can't do it :-)

So people, play this wonderful game of life and win it like no one else can!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eating Smart is better than Eating Skimpy!!!

Portion Control is a little overused term. Don't get too carried away by it. Make sure to please your appetite and not abuse it.
Eat healthy Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. If lucky, choose to eat healthy snacks and never forget to drink 8 glasses of water - its easy to oversee this tiny thing but you will never realize how powerful it is!
Fasting once a week with absolutely no artificial sugar, caffeine and processed foods help cleanse your body.
An apple and a green tea with honey a day helps your skin glow, making you look younger and rejuvenated!
Exercise for 10minutes or a walk at least 4 to 5 days a week keeps you fit and healthy.

Dream Job??

"To be successful is not about doing great things, but doing little things in a great way" - Unknown

Love this quote and it makes abolute sense. Try and find happiness in what you are up to currently instead of an endless search for that ultimate dream job that you always wanted to land up with.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An interview that was missed in a long time!

I watched the interview with Michelle obama. I sure must admit what an exquisite personality; she carried herself all along with equanimity... Very inspiring, eloquent and yet discreet!

Some folks are quite critical about her slipping upon the comments she made about the good and the worst paths she would consider. Well people, wake up and see things beyond the horizon! It was such an undistinguishable moment that elapsed between 30 secs. Although, I perceive that statement of hers clearly as an explanation to how she handles the highs and lows. How I wish the world had better discerning critics!

When asked about if she had been ticked anytime, she adorably embraced the facts. She said “Of course. That's my husband. I love him” – I think she represented herself as a great pillar of support to Barack Obama’s success. She exhibited perfect poise while answering any questions related to race, confrontational or political issues that might challenge the couple!

Her characterization of Barack Obama felt so genuine. When she said “He is a good man”, I thought her eyes talked more than just those simple words. It merely felt so authentic when she described him as a very caring husband and a dad while she talked about how they went out before Christmas to shop for a tree, trick-or treated with the girls and took her out on their anniversary. Michelle described her husband as a phenomenal support to her and her daughters. Though unspoken, I would think a man who is so dependable for his family might certainly be a tremendous source of inspiration to the nation’s youth, as charity or anything for that matter begins at home.

Michelle Obama gracefully acknowledges that her husband as a president might commit mistakes. She states “But, see, the beauty of Barack making mistakes is that he's not going to be so stubborn that he can't admit that he's making mistakes and he can't look at another way of approaching things.” Pondering more on this, one can essentially evaluate her as a First lady – an astute woman with incredible skills and momentum to thrive and succeed with an enormous amount of hope. Well, I believe she can make a great president herself sometime down the lane :)

At the end, I thought it was an awe inspiring interview yet simple…Michelle Obama is a very passionate and a successful woman – carrying a lion’s load of responsibilities, both as a mother and a prospective first lady. She seems to have tremendous energy to juggle between her kids and her venerable position @ the University of Chicago. She sure does blow the wind off and sets a benchmark for all the young women of not just this country, but perhaps for the entire world. Hats off Michelle Obama and GO OBAMA!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oregon Coast

Have you ever seen or experienced the beauty and wilderness coexisting in the ocean, which can only be least described as the most enticing and inviting coastlines that I have ever seen. How divine and radiant are those blue waters with no touch of human and only a sun’s kiss that keeps them stand so majestic and makes us look so tiny and insignificant in front of mother nature. Yes, it’s truly an enchanting acquaintance with what is known to the world as “Oregon Coast”.

Our first leg of journey was set to Florence . We decided to choose the circuitous route along 101 to photograph the nature’s unsurpassed beauty. The freeway runs parallel to the rugged pacific coast and is the by far the most windy route I have ever driven on. The roaring of the waves and scintillating whisks of sand that formed the tenuous boundary between the water and sea kept us entertaining for the whole of 5 hours. As we drove by, I started cogitating about how these waters ever manage to sustain being so unexplored by human. It stood their all by itself, caring less for anything in the world, being the most welcoming place in the world for people who seek out peace and tranquility. I pushed my mind to set it free of all distorted thoughts for the whole of the drive just to enjoy the wild and indomitable nature being at its best in the game of endurance.

Having gone through such a sweet reverie, we finally reached the Sandland Adventures – a recreational park that provides the most exhilarating buggy rides on the sand dunes. Religiously, we did the formal rides and other fun stuff, which was pretty exciting and expectedly exhausting too. Next comes my favorite which is the south Jetty beach. The relentless frenzy in the ocean that transforms into ferocious waves which gradually subside and blankets the beach, further spill over to the streets and covers the lawns and backyards with froths. All this happening on a foggy day would be like a frosting to the treat providing a transcendental “Wuthering Heights” backdrop as a whole. To walk by the side of the coastline, sipping on a cup of coffee holding hands and striking a riveting conversation is probably the most romantic thing for me.

We left Florence to head towards Newport – another beach secluded and untouched by humans. I learnt that the reason for these Oregonian beaches to be so unblemished is because Oregon law prohibits any kind of private ownership of coastline property. As we descended down the road to get to the hotel, I caught glimpses of the waves playing hide and seek between the empty spaces and concrete, rendering a breath taking vista. More feasts were waiting for me inside the room. I opened the back window of the room we had checked into and to my awe, I saw the most beautiful landscape consisting of only the water and more water and much more water and more water beyond anything that could possibly be caught by my eyesight. Wow! Was the only word that came out of my mouth and there it ended, I just sat there for a couple of minutes staring at the background and a unique emptiness conquered all over my mind and heart. Isn’t that just wonderful to be in such a state of mind?

The second day was mostly occupied with visits to sea lion caves, hecetalighthouse and Oregon Acquarium. We didn't get too lucky at the caves to catch few sea lions roaring, however that dint fail our visit though – we admired the folks who were wildlife enthusiasts to have discovered a concealed cave as such that nestled so many of the sea lions and converted that into a very safe and secured observing cave. Descending down 208 feet below earth surface, you really feel oneness with the nature’s creation, how they are created by god just like us and they are no different, they have equal right just as we possess to live in this universe –how I wish all the hunters help their souls by visiting such places. Right from within the cave, one can see the heceta lighthouse – its so widely photographed that I have seen 3 pictures of the light house hung in my office that has about 50 ppl, so this should speak for its acceptance! One shouldn’t miss a single chance to explore the Oregon aquarium. Comparing to the other humdrum aquariums that I have been to, this is by far the most unique one that welcomes you with a wide variety of exotic species of sea creatures and amicable sharks bidding a smiley good bye. Must See!

At this point our camera was full with loads of colorful pictures and so was our hearts fulfilled with loads of memories blended within various vicissitudes of nature. Meandering through different phases of life, if one ever wants to enjoy the nature’s true gift for mankind, come visit Oregon to just fall in love for the best, for the rest of your life!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knowing v/s Learning

To know is to be aware of the prepositions of the truth
To learn is to be able to amend and apply the prepositions...

To know what school teaches is to educate one with ideas
To learn ideas is to be able to rejuvenate them...

To know a language is to be able to read, write and understand the ecumenical purport
To learn a language is to be able to think with that language...

To know how to write a piece of software code is to learn the syntax and semantics
To learn writing a code is to become the hacker of your own code...

To know driving a car is to be informed about the rules and routes
To learn driving is to become a slave driver...

To know the right is to be good enough to know the wrong
To learn the right is to be able to define the wrong...

To know yourself, introspect your inner essence
To learn who you are, perceive to unite with the divinity within you...

To know life is to comprehend
To learn life is to live...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Right of Freedom

I have been mulling over this topic for a while. How many of us understand what freedom means to us and how well equipped are we to handle the consummate freedom.

Is freedom a state of mind that has no ripple of thought crossing it? It’s the inner freedom and the real freedom. Unconstrained by the physical bounds, the real freedom means to go above the thoughts and mental mind. Lemme tell you what I think, instead of being a part of a team as a team player, go beyond and become the master of the team, you have the control of the team. Similarly, control your thoughts, be the master of your thought, don’t be a part and sail along with the thoughts. When you are able to see the world of thought, rising high above it, you have the power to turn on and off your thoughts, that’s when you will enjoy the real freedom. You should be able to toggle between the on and off button of your thoughts, just the way you would turn on and off the engine of your car, being in this state, one might enjoy the real freedom.

Next, what are we talking about the right of freedom, right of freedom of speech, etc… According to me, freedom is something that is not to be snatched from or asked for. We are born with freedom; we don’t have to fight for it. Freedom is granted to us by ourselves; we need to realize our values, aspirations, responsibilities, motivations and goals in order to define what freedom means to us and act accordingly. When everyone realizes this, I guess there is no question of one being forced to abide by law…

Now I see that the word ‘freedom’ which is so complex and profound by itself, is understood by few people, and fewer among them realize its significance. Where is the question of using the freedom without gauging its worth? Well, that is exactly what I am witnessing here. I see people thrown out into the battle field without having taught the lesson of self-defense. The reason why I bring in this comparison is because I see world itself as a battle field. Each individual is let into this realm without appropriate training – don’t you think we need to be handling the kids in the school in a much better way than we are currently? Is there any institution in this world that teaches these very fundamental concepts, train the kid’s minds to think in this direction, train them to make them strong enough to face the harsh gnawing cruelties in this world? We teach kids how the nuclear bombs are created, the complex processes involved, don’t you think along with that we need to teach them and train their mind in a way as to think what the bombs could mean to them and how well it could be used for either the development or destruction of human-kind?

Sadly, freedom was less understood by our great national leaders of India when they fought for it way back in 1947. I wish we had more of freedom fighters like Bhagat singh who were more of thinkers than pleaders to have perceived the meaning of ‘Freedom of Nation’ even before daring to ask for one – perhaps, our country would not have been in the state it is currently in.

Everyone asks for freedom but very few are ready for it. Being ready for it by itself involves the individual and nobody else; the kid has to be taught how to eat though he inherently possess the hunger, similarly, we need to teach kids to formulate and define freedom for themselves though each one is gifted with the right of freedom.